GlobalRev Press Release: NYC settles Lawsuit GlobalRev Brought for Zuccotti Park Raid

  April 10, 2013 – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Breaking: NYC has to reimburse Global Revolution TV Collective for the equipment destroyed during the raid on #OWS Zuccotti Camp in November of 2011. A year and a half after NYPD officers, under orders of Mayor Michael Bloomberg, surrounded the #OccupyWallStreet occupation in Zuccotti Park in lower Manhattan and proceeded to “evict” the non-violent protest against […]

New York Times: Occupy Video Showcases Live Streaming

A live chat window runs alongside the video player on both Livestream and Ustream, giving users an opportunity not only to watch events as they unfold but comment on them, too. Since the first Occupy protest in Lower Manhattan last September, people from all over the globe have jumped into the conversation. As a result, traffic to the sites has soared, and so has the amount of time spent viewing videos. For example, viewing time in the United States on Livestream totaled 411 million minutes in October, up from 270 million minutes in July, according to Dan Piech, product manager for video and social media at comScore, the analytics measuring firm.

New York magazine: 2012=1968?

Today, Teichberg spends much of his time in a small, dark, second-floor room in a clapped-out building on Lafayette at Bleecker. (His neighbors include the War Resisters League, the Socialist Party USA, and the Libertarian Book Club.) This is the original home office of, which channels vérité video from occupations around the world through hosting sites such as Teichberg is a 39-year-old Russian immigrant with stooped shoulders and a mop of brown hair who grew up in Rego Park and is so jacked in to the electronic grid that he comes across like a character out of Neuromancer. But what makes him so interesting is that you could just as easily imagine him making a cameo in The Big Short.

CNN Money: Occupy’s eyes on the street

A look inside the media headquarters where a group of guerilla videographers collect and stream footage of ‘Occupy’ movements around the world.

NPR: Coverage Of OWS Protests Puts Site In Tough Spot

One company is benefiting from the Occupy Wall Street movement: The site has attracted 11 million unique viewers to the 80 or so Occupy-themed channels set up by organizers to broadcast raw footage of protests from around the world. But it made for an uncomfortable fit between advertisers and the Occupy audience.

Democracy Now: The Revolution Will Be Live Streamed: Global Revolution TV, the Occupy Movement’s Video Hub

For the past two months, a website called Global Revolution TV has become the main video hub for the Occupy Wall Street movement. Featuring live video feeds from New York and dozens of other cities hosting Occupy protests, the site has transformed how protests are covered and observed. When OWS protesters hold a General Assembly in Zuccotti Park, the gathering is usually live streamed across the world. When police raided the park early on Tuesday, it was caught on live stream as well. Democracy Now! spoke to one of the site’s co-founders, Vlad Teichberg.

WIRED Threat Level: Inside Occupy Wall Street’s (Kinda) Secret Media HQ

The revolution may never be televised, but if Occupy activists in a semi-secret media war room in New York’s Bowery district have their way, it will be livestreamed. Police seizures at occupations, as at the flagship camp in New York City on Tuesday, not to mention rain, cold and theft, are horrible for expensive media gear, as Occupy Wall Street found after setting up an ad hoc media operation in Manhattan’s Zuccotti Park in September. So Occupy Wall Street decided the best way to keep livestreams of the protests online was to move much of the gear to a safer location somewhere indoors.

TEDX: co-founder Max Haot talks about how live video can help democracy

Livestream cofounder Max Haot speaks about how live video works for democracy, using the example of the #OccupyWallStreet Global Revolution channel and others.

The Times: Ex-trader Vlad Teichberg spearheads global video protests

AT the centre of the Occupy Wall Street movement is a man with an excellent grasp of the international banking system. Specifically, Vlad Teichberg knows a lot about the repackaging of subprime debt into collateralised debt obligations, a measure widely blamed for triggering the global financial crisis. Indeed, he worked on several himself. Mr Teichberg, 39, is one of the original members of the Occupy Wall Street encampment and a prime mover in efforts to spread the protest movement worldwide and initiate a discussion of potential objectives via a global television network.

AFP: Globalrevolution.TV, protest against Wall Street Live for the world

NUEVA YORK — Instalada en unas oficinas en Nueva York, Global Revolution difunde en directo imágenes de las protestas en todo Estados Unidos de Ocupemos Wall Street (OWS), dando acceso a la información a bajo costo y denunciando excesos de la policía.