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Live Streamers Make Great Informants – Except when they don’t This is a response to an article called Live Streamers Make Great Informants written by WeCopwatch. I’m writing this because there have been wide generalizations about live streamers and some accusations made without any examples given that all live streaming of all protests is bad. […]

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Global Revolution: MultiFeed Baltimore: Rebelutionary_Z StackizShort Ferguson2NYC Ferguson Ferguson 2015 LIVE MissJupiter FergusonLive Washington DC UntoldCarlisle GenKnoxLive NYC: OccupyBloomberg WarOntographer ThePellaReport StopMotionSolo HaxFrost Denver Minneapolis Radical News Media Live Your browser does not support iframes. Unicorn Riot (No Player yet)

Urgent Message from #AnonnymousRio #AnonymousBrazil January 18, 2015

INTERNATIONAL IN SUPPORT OF RIO’S 23We ask the world to send us pictures with the hashtag #ISupportThe23 or, in Portuguese, #EuApoioOs23. Anonymous Rio is under attack by the Brazilian government. Two former collaborators were arrested and are under investigation and monitoring. This release is intended for al Anonymous Brazil and International cells and an alert […]

Iran: Imprisoned labour activist, Behnam Ebrahimzadeh on hunger strike since 3/12/2014

Reblogged from: The Statement by a group of labour activists, writers, and political organizers Once again, Behnam Ebrahimzadeh, a member of the Committee to Pursue the Establishment of Workers’ Organizations and a Children’s Rights advocate in Iran, has been forced to go on a hunger strike since December 3, 2014. Behnam Ebrahimzadeh has been incarcerated […]


Submitted by Johanna Fernández  The circumstances surrounding the shootings of two police officers in Brooklyn on December 20, 2014 are disturbing for a number of reasons. Because mainstream news outlets had full articles with the biography of the shooter shortly after the incident, alternative media specialists who cover the news from the perspective of grassroots movements […]

Syria: Letter from Razan Zaitouneh’s mother, 1 yr after kidnapping of #Douma4

Fore more information on the #Douma4:   Originally published in French. My daughter was kidnapped in Syria a year ago: I have no solution and no more hope. Amnesty International has asked that I write about my daughter, Razan Zaitouneh. I’m neither a journalist, nor a writer, but I will write what […]

Syria: Protests In Aleppo And Damascus For A United FSA Against Enemies

Post by ‎علاء زيدان‎.   via The Rawr Report:  #Aleppo,#Syria: anti-regime demonstrations were held in Aleppo and Duma, calling for a united Free Syrian Army (FSA) against enemies of the revolution.     #Duma, #Damascus Post by ‎Die Syrische Revolution 2011 الثورة السورية – ألمانيا‎.

Human Rights Monitor: Recommendations to the Human Rights Council on the UPR of Egypt

Human Rights Monitor has published a letter of recommendations to the UPR regarding the abysmal record under the current coup regime. We have highlighted some of the report: • All death sentences must be lifted immediately due to the current lack of the minimum standards of a fair trial. • The Egyptian authorities must abstain […]

Inside Damascus, Regime in Tight Control as Resources Scarce

By SYRIA: Direct This is the first of two interviews asking the same questions of a resident of Damascus, and just a few kilometers away, a resident of the Ghouta suburbs. In Damascus and the surrounding areas where neighboring suburbs have been turned into longstanding war fronts, the difference between a few kilometers can mean […]


  October 21, 2014. Kesh Malek (Checkmate) has launched an advocacy campaign explaining that the Syrian regime and The Islamic State are cut out of the same cloth, containing sarcastic material and merchandise focusing on the similarities between state, and non-state terrorism. The campaign is called SameShit. It will be active on the hashtag #SameShit […]