Welcome to the Global Revolution!

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If your dream is to change the world together with the rest of the 99%, with unity, equality, and mutual respect, organized horizontally, under the demand for basic human rights to be given to all humans, as the power of governments, corporations and banks recede behind the horizon of the future, then we invite you to join us.

Now is when the mass of humanity begins to believe in hope, a hope grounded in a belief in themselves being able to succeed, with success defined by making a world that is more fair and just for all the families that live upon it.

Enjoy the positivism and idealism because everything is possible: put yourself in action, uniting the world in this present moment. We have to awaken the people who are tied to the system of monotonous routine, constantly bombarded by bureaucracy, and invite them into the streets to reclaim their voice. Make your voice be heard ­­ let’s come together, to organize, mobilize, create and construct.

People everywhere are recording this moment in all the squares to show how this open community is living and to invite everyone else to enjoy the experience. Independent Media Centers are being formed by swarms of citizen journalists covering the squares and the streets, documenting their fellow citizens being threatened with violence by powers who want to keep on living in a world that only benefits them. By participating in the creation of this new social media network, we are creating a real time narrative of the global conversation about the future of our planet taking place in front of our very eyes.

This is TV of the people, by the people, for the people.

This is the revolution of new media, where everybody has access to inexpensive technology to open a global reality window into the lives of everyone. This is the mirror of humanity.



  1. The OCCUPY PHOENIX has the right idea and if anyone sets the world free it will be by taking back our rights…it’s crucial to understand them first! and these guys do!

  2. I am from India & posting my comments to help the cause of 99 % poor who donot own anything more than 1% in terms of assets,money,power or basic education. Those 1% who own up to 99% wealth of the world were born similarly as the rest but ,since they now own 99 percent wealth they must care for the rest to ensure that NO1 DIES HUNGRY,NO1 LIVES WITHOUT DIGNITY & BASIC EDUCATION, ESSENTIAL FOOD SHELTER & AT LEAST 1 SMALL job. Is this asking for too much?
    Solution i suggest: Tax super rich ,rich,middle class directly transfer tax money into bank acct of Poorest 10 % firstly,then to next 10 % till each poor get only enough money to get daily food. This can be done WITHOUT govt INTERFERENCE THROUGH computerized SYSTEM TRACKING EACH ACCOUNT TRANSFER AUTOMATICALLY. There will be NO ADDITIONAL TAX BURDEN on rich,only the Tax they r paying now will go transferred directly into poorest men bank account (minimum needed for daily food only). Lets hope this system gets accepted by all as basic auto food security system for all. AK GOEL INDIA (TWITTER akg_2000)

    • I wholly believe in your ideals of sharing wealth equally. After all in religious worlds of old at least one tenth of a person’s income was asked to be shared by the priests for the poor and needy. This one tenth would even help looking at how much of this wealth is within the hands of the 1%! I feel however the use of direct transfers to bank accounts could be misused by those willing to take advantage of charity and not even changed into food but drugs and the like. I feel a much more worthy cause that the 99% of the wealth could be transferred to is Food Banks. This is a scheme already being run in Britain where people or companies such as supermarkets donate food to a centre where it is stored and quickly distributed amongst it’s poor and needy. Anyone can apply who is in need and boxes of goodies are put together for them to take home. I feel that not only should every supermarket donate at least a tenth of it’s food to these centres locally but that the 1% of the world who shop at these stores or feel they would like to support this scheme could donate in the form of food or help in some way. The Food Banks are proving a lifeline to those caught up in the crisis facing this world today. Other banks such as clothing banks could be good too and other vital necessities such as cleaning products etc. Most supermarkets have a surplus at the end of the day that gets thrown away. I know this from when I was homeless and we used to gather food from their skips out back that was perfectly fit for humans! Plus I now tend to keep my veggies and bread etc a lot longer than the label says to. Do you have such schemes in India? Perhaps you could begin one in your local area? Thanks for reading this comment. Kind Blessings Janna

  3. keep it going folks we in India are following your revolution closly and wish you success god bless you

  4. You got in today’s Times newspaper in the uk so keep up the good work

  5. Rodrigo Arguedas Cortés says:

    Soy de Costa Rica y estoy impulsando un proyecto político para MEJORAR LA CALIDAD DE VIDA DE LA FAMILIA, no solo en mi país sino en todos los países, donde se puede modificar, de acuerdo a la realidad de cada uno. Los invito a mi pagina en Facebook:


  6. Today, our society is the victim of the incorrect economic policies

  7. This is a time when all humans need to sit back & ponder the fact that humanity has lost it’s value, money(a human creation) has taken the position of number one. All over this planet, everyday money takes precedence over humans. We have to take back our value. Every human deserves to eat everyday, every human deserves medical care. Humans, their well being and livelyhood is the most valuable commodity this planet has. When using compassion & love, we help this planet and its beings (all beings) exist, sustain & flourish. We the people of this planet we call Earth must stand up & fight for what is rightfully ours, a good life.

  8. I occupy today and will occupy tomorrow………
    I occupy where ever and whatever………
    I am 99% and will fight ……..
    I am tired of 1% pushing me around , taking away my life………..it’s my life…….it’s my right…… I am tired of live on the line of poverty!!!!!!!!!


    • a v samikkannu says:

      a well meaning comment ; the corporatocracy will definitely stoop to any low to sustain itself ; we have to beware of their conspiracies .

  10. Mother bear of the world…
    bawling for Joy…—
    to see her cubs coming back to life…
    and dancing for their very lives…
    in chorus.

    Occupy Heart. Occupy ’til you die.

  11. Did I hear right yesterday near the very end of the Randi Rhodes program, sounded like she dismissed a caller re: the Occupy Wall St. Movement with “what’s camping out going to help in regards to changing things?”

  12. “Democracy does not yet exist!”

    Robin Morgan wrote “The Demon Lover” which is a study of the link between terrorism in the home (domestic violence or more accurately, MALE violence against women in the home) and global terrorism. Terrorism, both in the home and the world, supports patriarchy and is a necessary component. Patriarchy is the structure of the corporations that are parasitizing the 99% (us).

    Morgan said, “The majority of the population in virtually all nation states is female and is forced by patriarchy to obey, be silent, and acquiesce-which means that ‘democracy’ does not yet exist anywhere. What happens then when that majority refuses to obey?”

    And here’s one from Sonia Johnson

    “Women’s agony at the hands of men must never be revealed. If women steadfastly and courageously began to tell the truth and would not stop, would not be co-opted, would not become afraid, the truth of our enslavement would be undeniable and the jig would be up,” in her book “Telling the Truth.”

    I believe that the necessary foundation for the creation of democracy and the success of all the Occupy movements is universal human rights for women. This can not be achieved unless global male violence against women is eradicated. Breaking the silence by naming an atrocity – and its perpetrators – is the first step toward ending it. An injury to one is an injury to all! None of us is free if one of us is caged!

  13. there is no exception that all governments in the world is fed by greedy powers who are behind the scene.please be united against ignorance which is imposed by these corrupted powers.only by broadcasting the true information by the real people we can be aware of decieve and arrogancy. as you have seen the police is dogs whose been trained by such greedy power to protect 1% .. be united they will be defeted.it may days or even years but we the has nothing to lose but the invisible chain around our feet and neck.

  14. In a country as rich as ours it is unconscionable that people sleep on the streets, go hungry, lack basic health care, and remain uneducated. The United States is the only Western nation that fails to provide for the basic needs of its most vulnerable citizens. Those who are willing and able to work should be gainfully employed to use his or her skills and talents to contribute to our country’s prosperity and to the common good.

    We must engage our imaginations, our brains and our talents in a partnership with the private sector and the government to best utilize the resources that will advance the welfare of all citizens. We must return to being a nation of producers, rather than gambling our future with speculation by paper. We must repair the damage done to the land by plunderers in their greed for profit. We must work to rebuild our family farms, create opportunities for small businesses and political and economic justice for all regardless of race and gender. We respect the right of private property, but we must maintain an equitable balance for the welfare of citizens with laws that are just and taxation that is fair. We must work with the family of nations to maintain peace and justice in a world for all its citizens. We must change the election laws to allow independent parties and all eligible citizens an opportunity to participate in the election system.

  15. The “I could be – I will get rich” programming begins at a very very young age. As an infant you are bombarded with commercials. This is the start of your programming. Think of the T.V. as harboring an invisible gun on the opposite side of the screen. The gun fires commercials at you. Those commercials inspire you to “keep up with the Jonses” ie. buy the latest gadget, the slickest car, that new covergirl make-up. You get the idea.

    By ten years old, you are programmed. Of course there is the reinforcement of the capitalist model; the MTV music video showing you, how it all could be for you – if only, you were me.

    This bombardment on your mind is outside the TV as well, billboard ads, car radio commercials etc. And of course your friends are into the latest cell phone gadget.

    To evolve mentally beyond the (material things I want mentality) you must de-program yourself.

    Doing so will set you apart from your friends and neighbours. You will be viewed with disdain, almost as if you have joined a cult, because they couldn’t possibly give up (place material item here) __________ .

    When you let empathy into your heart, and hold it up above the buildings built by profits from all those products that they sold you – and ignored the damage to people and environments in foreign countries and at home, all in the name of (profit) you begin to change on the inside. That stranger on the opposite side of the world means just as much as your own child, brother, sister, or parent.

    This awakening is not what corporate CEOs want you to do. It will cause them discomfort. It will force them to look in the mirror. But this time it won’t be in the name of vanity. It will be for humanity, and to help those strangers that are in trouble.

    Occupy forever. We have been awakened.

  16. The key to the movement’s success is for the facts to be presented to the entire society (of America and hopefully the World).

    First the 99% says so much. You all have the knowledge that 1 % of the population are running and own most of everything. But if you are ever questioned by the media it would be for your benefit to know Real Facts.

    So I suggest that you all watch “INSIDE JOB”. On the plus side I can honestly say it’s a Matt Damon movie. It is an Academy Award winning Documentary covering the financial crisis of 2008. It is chock full of sound bites that most importantly are TRUE.

    Learn the facts.

    After that you should understand the limits of the politicians. They have a budget and a debt . There is a great video that covers this as of 2011. It is evenly balanced so unlike the documentary “Inside Job”, which will show you exactly what you are fighting for, This video is what the leaders have to overcome before even listening to you.



    “Where we are how we got there , What may be next”

    Educate everyone about these financial details and the movement will gain all the support it needs to reach the planet. Then hopefully we can evolve instead of another war to erase economic inequality.

    Stephen Weber

    PS.. Sorry but it is easily torrented. (No idea what that is).. Get uTorrent. then go to http://thepiratebay.org/torrent/6185752 for a torrent of the movie.

  17. Bruce Chapman says:

    Occupy Building 7 Now God Damit!!

  18. The majority of the people involved in the daily transactions of wealth to wealth each day are just workers with an addiction to money ~ they are not the 1%; they just do their bidding-literally. They ‘want’ to be the 1% and feel if they continue down the path they are on, one day they will. However, that’s not possible as the 1% club is not accepting any new members. It is a ‘family business’. You’re either born into it or not. Some may attain the status of being in the 10%, but the 1% club is closed! It’s these folks we need to help out of their addiction to money; to gambling; need to always have more. They are the ones that work directly for the 1% and allow them to flourish by constantly keeping an eye on their money and other wealth tied to a monetary system. They are ‘rewarded’ very well for their endeavors and it will be difficult to break them from it. If we can get them on our side – even just a few – we could change the balance that is precariously tilted in the favor of the 1% and, more so, the .0001%. In a matter of days such a large amount of their wealth could be transferred from them into social programs for The People. Such as; Education, Health, Food, Clothing, Shelter, Clean Water… Until the balance of monetary wealth is more equal, we will continue to live with such strife as we do today. You can call it Socialism, or Communism. You can call it any name, ideal or title you wish, but I call it taking care of your neighbor. We’re not looking to go from a basement apartment without a view to a penthouse; we just want a more fair system and an equality among all humans. Compassion!
    Stay Strong. Be Vigilant. Remain Peaceful.
    We Did Not Come To Fight; We Will Not Be Dismissed In Silence.
    We Are The 99%
    Peace and Love

  19. I am so glad to hear truths spoken….we were never alone in our desperate struggles….
    The scars of acceptance to the status quo are there, but my mind and heart says
    “nothing ventured nothing gained, stand up for what is fair and for what is just”
    We must for our own sake and for that of our children break through the misguided
    status quo and rebuild a system that we can all be proud to be a part of.

  20. Lets have a revolution with zero tolerance for aggression and violence. Gandhi, MLK and many more around the world have used that approach with success. We want the powers that be to take responsibility and make real change ‘for the good of people’, so, please, people, lets practice what we preach. A small yet important example, keep your spot clean and tidy when you camp out and occupy. Treat all people and all your surroundings with respect. Smile more. 🙂 Lets occupy our world with love. Peace.

  21. A beautiful intention outlined here. Count me in.

    Most recently saddened by seeing the beautiful Occupy community of LA torn apart. Yet, heartened by knowing that Occupy is not about a particular place.

    Rather, it is found in the heartbeats of the people who are willing to stand for a real change. Those who care about people and human dignity. Justice. Freedom. Viva Occupy.

    Forever with you.

  22. Just a nobody says:

    So! How’d ya’ll like Obama now? What gift…ya never seem to listen! I guess you’ll listen with the NDAA…and watch Americans will vote him in again or make some other stupid move! Ron Paul was the only one against the NDAA…

  23. We bring in the New Year with the NDAA…is everyone happy now? I guess you’ll all vote Obama again. If you don’t vote Ron Paul this time, you deserve what you get!

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