Global Revolution HQ raided in Bushwick; 6 Arrested • #GlobalRevEviction

“We can do all of this from laptops”—Vlad Teichberg, GlobalRevolution.TV, after the #OccupyWallStreet and global protest news livestream channel was evicted from its NYC base 187w, 1393w" sizes="(max-width: 620px) 100vw, 620px" />


The Global Revolution collective has been covering Occupy Wall Street via live stream since Day 1. Originally based in Zuccotti Park, Global Revolution’s base of operations have relocated as the Occupy movement’s locations have changed. Most recently, a base of operations was established in Bushwick, Brooklyn, at 13 Thames Street.

JAN 2ND, 8PM EST — a notice was posted at the property stating that the production space is “imminently perilous to life,” and adds, “Violators of the Commissioner’s Vacate Order are subject to arrest.” No one else in the building was evicted.

JAN 3RD, 9PM EST — Six people in total were arrested at 13 Thames between 2-3pm on January 3rd and charged with Trespass, Obstructing Governmental Administration and Resisting Arrest. They are likely to remain in jail overnight.

JAN 4TH, 10AM EST — Video of arrests at 13 Thames added to Video Journal below.

JAN 4TH, 2:23PM EST — Streaming from inside the police van after arrests added to Video Journal below. As of now, everyone is still in jail. Update from the Atlantic Wire.

JAN 4TH, 9:30PM EST — We believe the arrestees are being arraigned.

JAN 4TH, 10:15PM EST — Confirmation that all arrestees have now been released. See Video Journal below for footage of the six released.

JAN 5TH, 9:45PM ESTNew York Times City Room Blog added to Further Reading section below. Tomorrow, Vlad Teichberg will be speaking on Democracy Now.


Democracy Now (Jan 3rd)
Global Revolution, Occupy Wall Street Live Streaming Source, Evicted from Brooklyn Production Studio
A prominent source for Occupy Wall Street’s global outreach and live streaming was reportedly shut down by the New York City Police Department last night. Global Revolution, a website which has broadcast Occupy Wall Street coverage since the movement’s inception in September, claims it received an eviction notice at its Brooklyn studios on Monday night. The notice states the production space is “imminently perilous to life,” and adds, “Violators of the Commissioner’s Vacate Order are subject to arrest.”

The Atlantic Wire (Jan 3rd)
Occupy Wall Street’s Livestream Operators Arrested
Occupy Wall Street is in the middle of one of its day-long marches in New York Tuesday, protesting the National Defense Authorization Act, but for those following along on the Global Revolution livestream, the real action is happening in the broadcast studio itself. That’s because police have apparently just raided the Brooklyn studio of and taken some of the project’s key volunteers into custody.

The raid Tuesday follows a notice to vacate that police delivered to the Bushwick studio on Monday night. Victoria Sobel, a Global Revolution volunteer, said Vlad Teichberg and a guy named Spike, both of whom maintain the live feed aggregator, had been taken into custody by police, along with four or five others.

Video Journal of the Eviction

Confrontation with landlord, Jan 2nd

Police outside 13 Thames, 8pm on Jan 2nd

Vlad and Nikky later that night, Jan 2nd

Members of the Global Revolution collective and people who live in 13 Thames talking about the situation, even later that night (begins at 4:00 mins)

Arrests of six people between 2-3pm at 13 Thames space, Jan 3rd

Note no sign of anyone “resisting arrest” as charged.

Streaming from inside the police van after arrests, Jan 3rd

Released from jail, Jan 4th

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  2. Ash Cloverfield says:

    It is shit like this that strengthens our resolve this is why we do what we do.

  3. These are clearly harassment arrests designed to identify activists operating and involved with Global Revolution. The “Vacate” sign is a sticker with boilerplate language. No one has violated an order to vacate, which must specifically describe the “imminently perilous” conditions that allegedly exist and must be posted at the scene. In short, there is no basis for the arrests and the charges will ultimately be tossed. (I’ll bet that GR will find that the sticker was used simply to justify the arrests and that there is NO vacate order behind it!!)

    The Tompkins Square activists in the 1980s-90s were largely successful because we had movement lawyers (Bill Kunstler, Ron Kuby, Norman Siegel, Stanley Cohen, Lynn Stewart) who would fight the city in the courts when we were arrested or when they attempted to vacate squats, just as vigorously as we fought HPD crews attempting demolitions and cops in the streets.

    GR needs to lawyer up and be in a position of strength to stop further abuse of power by the mayor and his NYPD zombies. Perhaps you could get assistance or at least referrals from Kuby and Siegel, both of whom are still the best movement lawyers we have.

    • You can look up violations on the city’s BIS system. The building has been cited a few times and a partial vacate order applying to the first floor has been in effect since March of 2011. It looks like the first floor is being used as an office or residence when it is a garage and does not have a certificate of occupancy, the rest of the building has been illegally subdivided. Their also anonymous complaints. We need to look at if the Occupy movement should locate sensitive operations in buildings that leave them open to this sort of thing.

  4. ribosomes says:

    I would normally say this sort of thing was bad but globalrevolution are hardcore leftist extremists who are trying to be the 1% of the Occupy movement.

  5. Thank you to the brave Global Rev workers. The Tombs must have been FREEZING last night.
    This sort of harassment is unthinkable in a democracy, but since we don’t have one right now, we have police who arrest us to try to make us afraid, the old tactic that goes back through so many fascist and corporatist regimes. I live in a cop neighborhood in Brooklyn, and I know that many in law enforcement don’t approve of this unlawful CIA-imitating activity. I’m hopeful that a change of commissioner and mayor next year will make a difference. Meanwhile, again, so grateful to our friends at Global Rev.

    • Thank you good Reverend. The latest news is that we are expecting them to be arraigned soon in NYC, hopefully before 8PM EST.

  6. This is not an “eviction” it is a Vacate Order. Different. It is an abuse of power of course, same tactic used on the various manifestations of Casa del sol and even before it was called that. They use arbitrary standards to declare a hazard. You are allowed to have security personnel there though I think, that was once loophole used on 136th street. Also relocation expenses may be in order. Research!

  7. System sucks, but Rob is right too, for high profiles operations. Other ops can take everywhere

  8. STOP THE LIES!!!!! TRY TO COME AND GET ME. Stand for Liberty.

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